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College Programs / BonMarche Fairstival

Savvy brands, of course, position their identities and values to align with evolving cultural mores, and as the economic climate and consumer confidence continue to improve, tertiary institutions campuses increasingly represent the future of spending habits and brand loyalty. Knowing how to approach and engage a generation with unprecedented levels of technical acumen and marketing guile is critical for brands that wish to stay relevant in the coming years.

When most people look back on their lives and discuss where and how they met their best friends, their husbands and wives, and discovered their passions in life, they talk about their early 20s. Those are the years that turn young men and women into adults – grown men and women whose lives will be governed by the decisions they make independently. It’s a time in life when people form allegiances that last a lifetime – both with people and brands. Chances are you’ve been using the bank account you opened from your most memorable college activation exercise. That’s just how life works, because that’s how people work. And that’s how sophisticated brands work, too.

STRANDS have been hosting activations across Nigeria campuses for about 10 years offering a comprehensive and strategic array of experiences and insights into the culture and values of students on campuses. Today’s university students are technically savvy and wise to brands that make superficial attempts at playing on their emotions or perceived passions. STRANDS delves into the priorities of a generation shaped by a challenging economic landscape, global digital access and connectivity, and a world defined by the best, and worst, of human nature. The team at STRANDS understands that experiential events on campuses must offer value, which many students view as a complex blend of substance, utility, and innovation.