Strands Communications | Experiential Marketing
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Experiential Marketing

We use positive, memorable experiences to create valuable emotional bonds between consumers and your brands.

Why Experiential and Event Marketing?

TV commercials don’t have a smell. Taglines can’t shake hands. Websites don’t taste like chicken, or anything else. Human beings experience the world through their five senses – taste, sight, smell, touch, and sound – which leaves traditional marketing strategies severely limited in terms of long-term impact. Experiential marketing, however, creates memories through experiences, and memories are extraordinarily powerful.

The Creative Strands

STRANDS Communications Ltd is a premiere experiential marketing firm, and has brainstormed and executed compelling experiences for clients that range from First Bank and GTBank to Equipment Hall and Unified Payment. STRANDS know the key to successful experiential marketing begins with an in-depth understanding of a client’s brand and ideal customer. Every strong brand has core values – a set of beliefs – that make it unique and accessible