Strands Communications | Festival Properties
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Festival Properties

Festivals celebrate the human condition by developing a vision that inspires people through art, values, and shared experiences. As technological advances continue to reshape human communication and interaction, our quality of life is still defined by how we share our time and passions with others. No digital platform can substitute for dancing with friends, camping among peers, and waiting in line for the plastic Mobile toilet on a moody green field. Life is short. Festivals honor the best life has to offer: having fun, living in the moment, and creating lifelong memories.

Festivals present brands with powerful experiential marketing opportunities to align their messaging with the values of performers and participants. Modern consumers, especially Millennials, know when they’re being targeted by sleek marketing campaigns; they’ve developed intuitive, instinctive defenses against attempts to access their emotions and bank accounts. Festival properties, however, represent a common ground where consumers and brands share a bonding experience in an entertaining and intimate environment.

STARNDS enjoys an organic connection to festivals and festival goers, like Millennials. Many members of the experiential marketing team regularly attend comedy shows, music and art festivals – from major music events to independent, experimental collaborations – held across the country This institutional knowledge and experience informs STRANDS’s approach to executing brand strategies at festival properties.

STRANDS is proud to collaborate with artists, comedians, chefs, and brands to bring memorable, life-affirming experiences to people across the country. Chances are the next time you are wearing a VIP wristband or chilling at the front row of a concert, a STRANDS team member or client isn’t far away.