Strands Communications | Special Events
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Special Events

Experiential marketing challenges brands to differentiate themselves not only from the competition, but from everything the competition has ever done. Special events require courage with nuance – the ability to execute audacious ideas that don’t appear contrived or unwieldy.

Brands with self-awareness naturally excel at generating brand awareness because they intimately understand their values, motivations, and objectives. When it comes to executing a special event, brands must know what makes them special.

STRANDS specialize in identifying the unique and valuable attributes of a brand and building an original, memorable experience around those strengths. The diverse team at STRANDS offers a collective philosophy that embraces creativity and intelligent risk for the greater purpose of providing special events that create lifelong memories.

Special events are inherently incomparable, and brands that explore the uncharted territories of experiential marketing position themselves to make a substantial impact in the marketplace and a formidable cultural footprint.

We believe that self-aware brands, like people, have something special to offer the world. Clearly communicating those individual qualities requires a deft ability to understand how they fit into the larger context of society and the prevailing consciousness of the marketplace.