Strands Communications | Sponsorship Activation
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Sponsorship Activation

Sponsorship Activation requires a deep understanding of brand synergy to ensure strong affiliations are formed and intelligently promoted to vetted demographics. Sponsorships represent the alignment of shared values and goals, and can be profitable marketing opportunities for harmonious partnerships.

Sponsorship activations delegate responsibilities and expectations, with the involved parties negotiating some level of benefit to their brand awareness and bottom lines. The ROI on sponsorships are measured in many ways, from creating goodwill with the public or by simply assessing the number of products sold or profits made as a result of the affiliation. Sponsorships involve inherent risks and rewards, and brands must conduct due diligence before embarking on a relationship with another entity.

Authenticity is the future of sponsorship activations, and brands must realize that true sponsorships, like relationships, are developed over time.  Wise brands are thoughtful about sponsorships, and advocate for their internal values by empowering like-minded causes and businesses. MTN, for example, understands the power and benefits of sponsoring brand-aligned musical reality shows and games.

STRANDS Communications built its diverse team based on the idea that bringing diligent, talented people together creates unprecedented opportunities to achieve greatness.  STRANDS Communications approaches sponsorship activation with this same sensibility, knowing that combining assets, values, and talents within a focused objective can impact brands and the marketplace in profound ways – that can be melded into formidable campaigns, strategies, and messaging. Relationships require significant work and effort, but chemistry, which often takes time, is invaluable. Some collaborations appear to be a matter of destiny. STRANDS excels at expediting that destiny, identifying sponsors and partners who need help or haven’t discovered each other yet, and leads them to long-term branding prosperity.